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The focus is on HEAVILY showcasing you and your programs to bring you these results. This is not seen elsewhere and it's cutting edge. Everything, from your WonderMailer referral page - to the advertising for your websites.

All members can get cash and points while viewing emails (36655 prizes won since February 9th 2012)
All members can earn the same amount for referring upgrades
All members can choose to use the cutting edge "Email Viewer" or use their own email box
All members can send email blasts, banner and text ads FREE
All members earn points for referrals
All members can use personalization AND provided graphics (and many more!) in their solo emails
All members get detailed stats on your solo emails, your banner and textads
All members get points for clicking banners and textads
All members get points for showing their main referral page or splash pages
All members get extreme stats on email ads, text ad and banner ads. WHERE, who, when and what headline     was clicked on! Shown bar graph style, percentage clicking and in text form by the day
Clicking one email ad can get you THREE different point/cents prizes at ONCE! Frequent Prizes.
All members get their latest email ad shown on all referral pages
All members can use WonderMailer MultiSite Super Email Blaster (several 10'000's of members)

If you want to add even more "Sumo" to your results, upgrading is 1 time low buy
You can email your referrals
You get 1 tracker with stats (to use anywhere for any website!)
You get up to 250,000 immediate points
You get up to 10000 monthly points
You get up to 5000 visitors sent to your page
Free use of WonderMailer MutiSite Email Blaster every 10 days
Your Twitter page & ads are showcased in our unique "Main Menu" on all page
Two ads shown at once on login page
Your own lead subscriber link will show to other members. leads are sent directly to you!

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