Succeed in network marketing. Heres your guide

Can I send an email ad when I want to?
Yes as long as you have points and we not the last person to send an email out, you can send one at anytime.
Can I personalize emails and use images?
Yes all members can. We provide images to use and an easy guide for it.
Can I see my ad stats?
yes all stats are shown to you. How many clicked your email ads, banner ads and textads. Plus how many just saw (or viewed) them.
Can I see my referral stats?
Yes all stats are shown to you.
When do you pay members?
Between the 5th and 15th of every month. There are several available methods for that
Do I have to accept email ads to my isp box?
No, you can use the "email viewer" which is your email box on the WonderMailer site.
Can I have my banner, and textad shown?
Yes, all members can use all advertising methods by using points.
I just saw my own email ad?
All emails are sent to random/shuffled members. So if you use only 500 points, you do not just keep reaching the first 500 members who joined.
Can I delete account?
Yes, just login, scroll down and remove account.
How do we contact you?
The contact link is on all WonderMailer pages (

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